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Wakfu Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More

Are you a game lover? Are you an anime lover? Well, this series covers both! Wakfu is an animated series based on a video game called Wakfu. The series has three seasons, and we eagerly await Wakfu Season 4!

Is Wakfu Season 4 arriving at last after all this time? The fourth season of the French television show Wakfu, inspired by anime, has been eagerly anticipated by fans. This show is based on the well-known video game Wakfu, which you can play right now and download for free. Because the first season was so successful, the studio was inevitably driven to do more.

If the accusations are true, the fourth season of Wakfu will be animated by the same company, Ankama Animation, that produced the program's first three seasons. Anthony Tot Roux is the series' director, and we think Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kin "Tcho" Etinoff are doing an outstanding job with character design. Like the first three seasons, Wakfu Season 4 is anticipated to be released on Netflix, with most episodes being created in France.

Only a few special episodes were produced in Japan, but regardless of where the show was created, viewers enjoyed it. On October 30, 2008, Wakfu debuted its first season, which consisted of 26 episodes.

Thanks to Netflix's approval and English translation, the comic animated series has shown three seasons on their site. We are waiting with bated breath for Wakfu Season 4.

CreatorAnthony Roux
Release DateSeptember 30, 2022

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

In June 2020, the creators made a fundraising announcement for Season 4. Despite this, the anime experienced financial problems that led to a worldwide production halt, which worsened the series' situation.

When the anime series return for a potential fourth installment is currently unknown. Therefore, at this point, your prediction regarding the debut date is as good as ours. The fourth season of Wakfu is scheduled to premiere on September 16, 2022.

While the third season only has 13 episodes, the first two seasons each include 26 episodes. The earlier episodes are only available on Netflix and Crunchyroll with subscriptions.

Netflix bought the rights to the anime in 2014, which greatly expanded its fan base. It is intended that the upcoming batch of episodes will be accessible via streaming after its first French release. And season four, May 26 episodes. 

Wakfu Season 4 Cast

As per our sources, the following characters are expected in Wakfu Season 4, portraying the roles mentioned below! 

  • Yugo- an Eliatrope 12-year-old who recently discovered his abilities, is on a quest to locate his real family.
  • Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm- a 13-year-old Sadida known as the Adventurer-Princess. She can therefore communicate with and command plants as a result. She is committed to Yugo's search for his family and her friendships.
  • The demon-sword Rubilax is under the care of Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove, a 16-year-old lop born on October 12. Percedal is a "Knight of the Order of the Guardians of Shushus." He is a formidable fighter and displays bravery but foolishness.
  • A Shushu or a demon imprisoned in an item in the shape of a gem on Percedal's sword's hilt is called Rubilax. He gives any being he controls the strength and is obsessed with destruction.
  • Evangelyne, a 17-year-old Cra serving as Amalia's bodyguard, travels with the Sadida princess. Although she is dedicated to her work, she treats young Amalia like an elder sister.
  • And many more characters like- Ruel Stroud, Adamaï, Grufon, Elly & Flopin, Sadida, King Oakheart Sheran Sharm, Queen Sheran Sharm, Prince Armand Sheran Sharm, Chamberlain Tofdrew, Alibert.

Wakfu Season 4 Trailer

The creators released a Kickstarter trailer to engage its fans in 2019, but the series hasn’t been released. We expect to get the season in the later months of this year. 

Wakfu Season 3 Trailer: https://youtu.be/Qs1Sst4f3yU 

Wakfu Renewal Status

Season 3 was released in 2018, and After waiting a long time, the series was renewed for season 4, and it is expected to come out in September 2022 on Netflix. And it is said that season 4 would be the finale season

Wakfu Season 4 Premiere Date

Neither creators nor the distribution partner Netflix have said anything about the premiere date. But it is expected that the series will come in September or October of 2022. Let's see when we will Season 4.


We are expected to get season 4 soon, and undoubtedly we’ll love it just like the previous seasons. It was smart for Netflix to pick up the series and release the upcoming seasons. Fans are excited about its release and are looking forward to it! We’ll keep you updated.

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