Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and More
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Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and More

Is horror your tea? Do you want to feel those chills while watching a series? Do you think that ghosts and supernatural stuff are your comfort zone? Then the 'Secrets of  Springs’ is what you are looking for! The show has two seasons, and fans are awaiting Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3!

It is an American thriller drama series set in the town of Louisiana and created by our very favorite Disney. The magical world of childhood fantasies we have all longed to explore is depicted in The Secrets of Sulphur Spring. Disney specifically created this suspenseful drama series for young minds. It is terrifying to suddenly discover life's miseries while surrounded by tales of negative energy. However, everyone is invited to go to Secrets Of Sulphur Springs and feel all those emotions at once; Disney is unquestionably reviving nostalgia. 

The show's two seasons were quite popular and are already renewed for Secrets of Sulphur Season 3. We all are extremely excited about what season 3 will bring for us? More mysteries of the fictional town? More secrets? What are Harper's connections? Season 3 of ‘SOSS’ will answer all these questions, hopefully.

NameSecrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3
GenreThriller Drama
CreatorTracey Thomson
StreamingDisney Channel
Release DateJanuary 19, 2022

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 Release Date

Season one was released in January,2021, and season 2 was released in January 2022. It ended on February 25th, 2022, with the end of season 2; creators gifted us the renewal of season 3, and seeing the series’ pattern, we are predicting season 3 will release in January of 2023.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 Cast

You can expect the following cast in Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3: 

  • Preston Oliver plays the lead character Griffin Campbell. a little boy whose family relocates from Chicago to the allegedly paranormally active Tremont Hotel.
  • Griffin's new closest friend, Harper Marie Dunn, played by Kyleigh Curran, is eager to find out whether the allegations about Savannah are real and is willing to assist Griffin in doing so.
  • In addition, Curran portrays Daisy Tremont, Harper's great-grandmother, as a young woman.
  • Elle Graham plays Savannah Dillon, the young woman who inexplicably vanished thirty years before the series' first episode.
  • Madeleine McGraw plays Zoey Campbell, Griffin's younger sister, and Wyatt's twin.
  • Wyatt Campbell, Griffin's younger sibling, and Zoey's twin are portrayed by Landon Gordon.
  • Griffin's mother, Sarah Campbell, played by Kelly Frye, is aware of how challenging the family's journey will be.
  • As Topher Dunn, Harper's younger brother, Bryant Tardy, and Johari Washington appeared in seasons 1 and 2, respectively.
  • Bennett Campbell Sr., the grandpa of Griffin, Zoey, and Wyatt, is portrayed by Jim Gleason.
  • Becky, a camp Tremont counselor, is played by Trina LaFargue.
  • Mrs. Douglas, a Sulphur Springs Middle School teacher, is played by Sherri Marina in season one. One of Marina's last playing roles before her passing was in this movie. 
  • Caroline Savannah's adoptive mother from 1962, as portrayed by Jillian Batherson.
  • Daisy's younger brother Sam Tremont is portrayed by Ethan Hutchison in season 2.
  • In 1962, Eugene Byrd portrayed Sam as an adult.
  • Robert Manning Jr. portrays Daisy's father, Elijah Tremont, in season 2.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 Trailer

We only have updates about the series renewal, and season 3 may premiere in January 2023. And if the season premieres in January, it is expected that we’ll see the trailer in November or December, as we only got to see season 2’s trailer in December.

Secrets Sulphur Springs Season 2 Trailer: 

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Renewal Status

Disney renewed the show for another season in February 2022 after the successful premiere of Season 1 in February only. And now fans are excited about season 3 and the adventures it will bring for us. One thing is for sure: creators won’t disappoint us.

The Conclusion

Secrets of Sulphur is a series that makes a place in our minds with its mysteries and supernatural elements. It will excite you in every episode and every bit. You will be addicted to it, and you’ll look forward to what this show will bring in next; that is why Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 3 is so eagerly awaited. As it will answer so many questions, and who knows what other mysteries it will bring? 

If you want to know everything about season 3, then stay connected with us, and we will keep you posted about all the updates on the release date, trailer, plot, premiere,& everything; till then, keep smiling, keep watching!

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